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Stand alone software

Expression array

: Microarray image analysis program developed by EisenLab
         Manual Previous versions 

Cluster : Cluster analysis program developed by EisenLab         
         Referrence Previous versions Manual for Cluster and TreeView

TreeView : Cluster analysis program developed by EisenLab
         Previous versions

S+ArrayAnalyzer : +ArrayAnalyzer helps you improve and maximize your investment in microarray analysis

CGH array

A program for visualization and analysis of array-CGH data 

- Bioinformatics Tools 

Web analysis tools:

Unless stated, you will need your molbiol username and password to use these tools:

BASE microarray analysis   BioArray Software Environment - Microarray analysis

  - BASE (NB: specific BASE account required to log on)

  - BASE users guide   |   BASE Tutorial (pdf Adobe PDF file)
Go to BLAST   Basic Sequence Alignment Search Tool.

  - Run BLAST - search the sequence databases held by CBRG
  - BLAST introduction - program descriptions and options

  - BLAST-searchable databases
Go to EMBOSS Explorer   European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite.

  - EMBOSS Explorer - bioinformatics tools
  - Compare EMBOSS and GCG tools

  - Bioinformatics FAQ - which EMBOSS tool to use?
GBrowse genome browser   GBrowse - Genome browser

  - GBrowse databases

Go to SRS   Mascot - mass spectrometry searches

  - Peptide mass fingerprint search   |   MS/MS ion search

  - CPF - Central Proteomics Facility
Go to SRS   Sequence Retrieval System.
  - SRS - search for a sequence
CBRG   The following applications have been delevoped by CBRG staff in collaboration with members of the Medical Sciences Division.

  - ANALOG - bioinformatics analysis history for individual molbiol users

  - WMD - Weapon of Mutant Detection

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